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Posted on 2015-10-14 01:56:49 by azerty47

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As I browsed through Murati's older pics, I remembered this gem (Heheh. ^^), and couldn't resist coloring it. ^^

I'm not too familiar with Steven Universe, but I am a huge fan
of Pokémon, so I couldn't help but put in a background
inspired by ROSA in there. ^^ Though if you guys think it's a
bit intrusive and distracting, just tell me and I'll upload a
background-less version. ^^

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This is badass, Azerty! Awesome! >u<

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Thanks a lot! ^^

(I just noticed that I referred to the remakes as ROSA when
I meant ORAS, though. >_< I got them mixed up as ROSA is
the acronym we use to refer to them in France. ^^")